Paul McBeth Greazy Dyed ESP Malta


Get ready to add a splash of artistry to your disc golf collection with our exclusive Greazy Dyes collaboration! This isn't just a product launch; it's a celebration of the talented Dyers community. Our collaboration brings you an extraordinary collection of dyed discs, featuring unique designs that are nothing short of spectacular. The limited-edition lineup includes the Zeus, Luna, Anax, Malta, Hades, and Athena, marking the first public release of the PM collection in our Dye Line. Additionally, we're excited to offer other favorites like the Raptor, Zone, Buzzz, Passion, Nuke, Thrasher, and Roach in our stunning dye range. By choosing one of these discs, you're not only enhancing your game but also supporting the incredible creativity and originality of Greazy Dyes in the disc golf world. Don't miss this unique opportunity to own a piece of this artistic collaboration!